Environmental AssessmentFinal Environmental AssessmentThis Final Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared for the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to support an application from the Lytton Rancheria of California (hereafter, “Tribe”) for land to be placed into federal trust (Proposed Action). The BIA is the federal agency that is charged with reviewing and approving tribal applications to take land into federal trust status. This land, known as the “Lytton Property,” consists of approximately 124 acres in Sonoma County, California, which is intended to be used for residential housing, a community center, and associated facilities by the Tribe. The original EA released in July 2009 for public comment and review addressed a project on approximately 92 acres (seven parcels). Since the public comment period on the original EA, the Tribe has added an additional 32 acres (seven parcels) to the fee-to-trust application and housing project site plan alternatives, for a total of approximately 124 acres. The BIA will use this Final EA to determine if the Proposed Action would result in significant effects to the environment.